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Lockdown Story 24

Lockdown ache hain kyunki “I am a pro now”

So, Hua Yun, we got married last year. We as in Me and My Husband. Before the marriage, I was lucky enough to be staying with my parents in Mumbai. And mummy used to make me amazing food as goes in every household. So #BeingHonest, I never used to step in the kitchen or cooked a meal for my self also. Also, since I was a pampered Papa Ki Beti and Maa ki Dulaari, I was never expected to cook.

But after marriage, when me and Sandy (my only cute hubby) started to stay together, we do not have a cook. I had to start cooking initially to start surviving, but somehow, I had built an interest towards cooking. Although never had got that time to try new or exotic things, thanks to Zomato, Swiggy, etc. But generally, we were managing well with YouTube Channels and Mummy’s recipes. And when I am asked what do you know about cooking and what all can I make? My standard answer always is whatever my husband eats!

In fact in our early home stays, just after the marriage days, when I made Aloo parantha (The Shaan of Punjab), the perfection my husband expected was far from originality. He wants the kind of parantha which he calls “crispy soft”. Soo then the second time, I made parantha and it was more like a papad when I tried making it crispy and it wasn’t soft Dur Dur Tak.

Nevertheless, I finally have mastered the skill now and I think I make the exact “right-for-him” parantha. As they say, Practice Makes a Man Perfect, I would alter it a bit and say, Practice makes Woman perfect too.

Also this lockdown season, I explored a lot of exotic dishes with Sandy’s help, which we wanted to have in some restaurant but changes to this unwanted Corona fellow in the market, we had to get stuffs done at home. That included Pani Puri too… Sluurrpp..!!! We could achieve to bake and design an amazing cake for our 1st Anniversary, which apparently was to happen in Dubai. And after all this mehnat, I am a pro now… and as my husband says it like “Babes, tum toh pro ho..! Hum restaurant khol sakte hain…”. Any investor? Hope you are reading this; you can always reach out to me directly. We can discuss the financials. 😊


  • May 1, 2020

    Your love

    Yeah. Biwi pro ho gai hai.

  • May 3, 2020

    Very nice Abhi… I wish to eat crispy Parantha made by you someday. Take care n good work

  • May 4, 2020


    Gr8 going! cute couple.


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