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Lockdown Story 20

Lockdown Clock down!

The hustle of everyday morning from breakfast to reaching office, tackling the hurdles during rush hours, and honking at traffic signals all have vanished as I wake up under the silence of Lockdown, which has eventually turned my clock down.

Experiencing absolute silence in an area like Mohammed Ali Road makes me feel like I have reached a hill station where peace calms you down and breaks the daily hustle. Every day I wake up at almost the same time as before, and now I am trying to be more active at home than before.

I start my day with Yoga to refresh my mind and move towards preparing my own breakfast and watching utensils. Helping mom in household chores has become a routine in this Lockdown. Mom gives me that astonishing look as if I have achieved a gold medal in washing and scrubbing J

Talking about skills, yes, I have been working on expanding my knowledge by reading books, attending online sessions, and doing a digital marketing course, which has made me look at things with a new perspective. I am glad as I couldn’t explore this before due to office hours and less time.

Lockdown has made my clock down as I have now scheduled my days and targeted specific things to be completed on time.

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