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Lockdown Story 19

Completed three years of marriage, still had never got this amount of time with husband, thanks to his Job and his other assignments. Lockdown has given me the opportunity to spend some quality time with ME and obviously Pati ghar pe hi hai, so with him also.

The most no. of conversations which we have these days, is nagging with each other, ki aaj kaam kaun karega. Who will do the sabji and who will do the roti and then finally, the last nail in the coffin, who will do the Bartans. Well, a doubt in my mind, Modiji has advised everyone to be home, wo bhi bartan khud kar rahe hongay kya?? #JustThinking!! Humne Jiske haath me Desh diya tha, ek Virus ne unke haath me Scotch Brite thama diya. May be Patanjali Super Dishwash also. Not Sure. #BeingSwadeshi.  

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Babita Ji. She has always been my lifeline and support system, all these years. And in these bad times, when we are not together, and we don’t meet every day, mujhe teri yaad bahut satati hai, while mopping the floor especially and doing dishes. To be honest, I am also missing the saucy, tangy, spicy Subs of the Subway and Cheese Burst Medium Veggie Paradise of Dominos. The Shopping Mall is next to my home, 2 mins Walk. It was my favourite pass time to just walk through the Mall. Mainly window shopping at Miniso. But Pata nai wo pal kab wapas ayengay!

In this locked down quality time, Pati Parmeshwar is making most of it by making me to do his pedicure and facial by bribing me with Chatpatta food made by him. Actually, he has to make them, Zomato Band hai na!

My Parmeshwar Pati, has made it a point for me to see all the mythological series – mainly Mahabharat. And somewhere I have started liking it and acha gyaani time pass hai. I am sometimes murmuring the song “Hai Katha Sangraam ki…” and sometimes, I even call him Swami, Bhojan paros dun?

Earlier to Mahabharat, my favourite time pass was to listen his office con-calls and give my visesh tippani after that. And he is like “Vyarth Charcha Na Karo”.

Well, #LockDownAcheHain, kyunki, I can sleep till late hours in the morning. Of course, till his Door Bhaash Yantra doesn’t start ringing.


  • April 28, 2020


    Good story Anu.. I wish I could get my pedicure and facial done too 😀

  • April 29, 2020

    Rajat aggarwal

    Bahut badhiya bhai bahut badhiya…. teri zindagi ka maksad to pura ho gaya…. ab zinda kyn h 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣


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