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Lockdown Story 18

Lockdown feels absolutely unreal – sometimes I think is this all a bad dream?

Staying away from family hit me hard in the beginning but I realized this is the time to test patience. I learnt new things – started meditating, working on inner transformation, learning and experimenting new dishes.

I found the hidden chef in me and sending pictures of my home cooked meals to my parents brought a huge smile back on their faces. Such small yet beautiful things have uplifted my mood. I am more grateful and blessed for what I have today. All these changes are eventually helping me to evolve more wisely.

I am a nature lover and observer. I believe nature responds back with so much light and love to me, especially when I hold a cup of coffee in my hand and pull out the chair in my balcony while watching birds all around and reverting back koyal at times,. I certainly feel and think, that no matter how hopeless or bleak things appear, there will come a moment when our spirit revives and hope is reborn.

That is why we must never give up.

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