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Lockdown Story 17

I shifted to a new place few months back. Initially, weeks went by, just settling down and arranging things. My passion for photography took a backseat while I was preparing to make things sorted for the new place. However, things went even worse after the lockdown was announced.

The sudden rise of COVID 19 cases in our country became a nightmare for almost everyone. We are all stuck at home waiting for a ray of hope to spring back to normalcy. In the beginning, there was a lot of uncertainty and anxiety around what’s going to happen and how are we going to cope in this situation.

On the brighter side, I discovered many new things about myself. I started getting up before dawn every day and took up this challenge of creating good pictures even from home. The rising sun brought a lot of sunshine and positively apart from being the center of attraction of all my pictures clicked.

I experimented with everything around at home, including my son’s toy car, old vintage coins, books, leaves, eggshells, or a pack of cards. Chai every morning became my new subject of photography too. Even my husband and son got excited about this new passion of mine and started contributing their own ideas.

These things bring us closer and let our creative juices flow, which in turn, is a great stressbuster. We now have an opportunity to sit together and bring different ideas to life, have a heartfelt conversation, and share a good joke.

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