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From, “kya aap Closeup karte hain” to the reels on, “yahan pawri hori hai”, we all share ‘been there done that’ wali feeling and saw the #makeover of Marketing campaigns and advertising over the years. Starting with the memes, they are content in the form of images, video clips, gifs which bring minimalism. Because they have fewer components and rest is upon individuals to relate, it makes them derivative in nature.


In short, when it’s short and intended as humor, it can never be funny for everyone. The scope of mistakes increases and Here’s the catch, with uncontrollable flushing of these short-lived digital and viral content, you can’t be relevant for a long time. They lack detailing to be definitive Which #btw is a serious business for the businesses.

 Also, #tbh how can we unsee the scene of freedom of expression today with all that love, support and kindness spread across the internet wrapped in a full package of #boycottxyz #rapethreats #intolerance #itsoffensive. Continuously printing the negatives from the ‘should have been’ images of ekatvam (unity).

THE INTROSPECTION. (taste kahan hai?)

Moving on, look at the brands wearing those fast fashion ‘meme Marketing’ clothes looking all trendy and using slang like ‘Hey BINOD, rasode me kaun tha….bla bla.’ is like our parents who are addicted to the never-ending Whatsapp forwards. 

Now, some/most of you may not agree with me on this and I gladly accept it with me offering you a blank page.

Now try to think of the last ad or marketing campaign by a brand or company with a unique content of their own which you relate only to that company. If you could think of something then I appreciate your time and thought coz I have #acceptance and if you couldn’t, then it’s not because they haven’t made any but because you don’t remember any and it’s just the result of our regular munching on these viral contents.The consumption of this type of media is so high that even the companies and brands are in #FOMO.

WHAT’S MY POINT?  (Sau baat ki ek baat)

My intention of the above ‘parde me rehne do’ content is to draw some attention towards the fading of those good old wholesome Marketing campaigns. Don’t you still jam to the ‘hema,rekha,jaya aur sushma/kitna maza aaye re/chaar boondon wala/chubhti jalti garmi/Maggie Maggie Maggie…………’ that’s how we remember those companies with these original content. In contrast, scrolling through innumerable memes and trendy content, if you see the same content from some company using it, you’ll probably be like:    

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Also, ten years from now when you see that meme, hardly anyone would remember some  company using it but the time and context you relate when it was trendy (or maybe Yashraj)

Lastly #shwetayourmicison and with the easy access to the internet today:

Now it’s high time for JAGO companies JAGO and start running behind original, impactful, unique content which is better than the desperation to keep up with the #trends. By saying all this, I’m not a hater of meme marketing but a true lover of substantial Marketing.

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