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Digital Marketing

Benefits of Digital Marketing in Today’s World

When a business giant such as Walmart or Starbucks rolls in; it’s hard to compete for small business entrepreneurs in terms of building a brand name or market reputation. This is where digital marketing comes as a ray of hope for small businesses providing them an opportunity to hold a top-ranking position. E.g. a small business outranking Amazon or Flipkart’s using Google AdWords.

For instance, a local handicraft maker or restaurant owner who doesn’t have a lot of money to promote its business can use online marketing as a significant tool to promote their products on social media with a budget as less as INR 200 per day. 

Segmentation and Personalization:

Did you notice that you get ads about hotels and flights right after you casually checked for flight tickets to Delhi? This is retargeting. Believe it or not, most consumers actually act on an email, google ad, app or message notification, giving them an alternative to what they were looking for. 

People also prefer businesses that use personalized email; it gives them the self-control to make a decision for signing up or buying from you. The same goes for good-old pesky SMS. Yes, if the email or the message isn’t right or the frequency is too heavy, they are likely to unsubscribe. This is where you need an agency like us.

According to Mail Chimp’s extensive data, subscribers are 15% more likely to open emails that are segmented based upon certain traits or behaviors. Such segmented emails are likely to spend more.

We, at FDMS, help you target your audience according to their geographic location, interests, purchase history, etc.

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