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Our Journey

One fine December evening in 2016, four friends sat together sipping coffee. We spoke at length on several things; however, what struck a common chord was the intensity with which the Digital Era is emerging and evolving. The country was hit by demonetization just over a month back and was going through a rough phase. Being Marketing Graduates, we deliberated on the topic of ways of affordable marketing for businesses. While large business are better placed to afford a big marketing budget, the SME/MSME and business entrepreneurs struggle for small marketing efforts. What grabbed our attention was that Digital Marketing though not very popular in those times, would allow any business to be more competitive and offer a global reach at the click of a button. Businesses can leverage on this sudden rise of opportunities in the emerging digital era and should tap on the digital bandwagon.

With an aim to put together successful marketing strategies for onboarding businesses ranging from a local Kirana shop to multinational corporates into the digital space of the world wide web, Fanatisch was born.
“Ab India Banega Digital” became our slogan, and we set out to achieve our goal to infuse the idea of Digital Marketing in India’s system. Fanatisch Marketing Services Private Limited was formally incorporated with a small team operating out of a 2BHK apartment in Pune, Maharashtra. We took a good head start with a handful of clients. With consistent, efficient efforts and professional service delivery, we were all geared up to achieve our milestone of nation-wide operations in 2018.

Our goal of “Ab India Banega Digital” is what makes our professional services unique from others. Whether it is a local grocery shop or a professional or SME or large corporate, we pledge to approach every project and client with a double-lens view to strategically position your brand for exponential growth and suit your business expectations.

Fanatisch comprises highly motivated and polymath problem-solving individuals such as consultants, designers, developers, researchers, marketing experts, knowledge gatekeepers, and content creators.

Our distinctive consultative approach empowers clients to build, run, and envision their business with ease and insight.

How can we make you shine?



We blend digital medium to create bold ideas and beautiful concepts



We combine strategy, technology, and creativity to transform your audience from visitors into evangelists.



We partner with our clients to deliver exceptional digital experience using global best practices



We ensure that the solution we build fits your needs and gives optimum results.

Digital Marketing is a vast ocean of opportunities! Organizations today have abundant choices when it comes to Digital Marketing Services. Our mission is to explore further and dive deeper into this ocean to reach new possibilities in the most dynamic way. Our approach starts with putting your end goals at the beginning of everything that we do. As a 360-degree marketing company, we impart knowledge and organize your marketing needs to create real-time strategies. We help you adapt to the changing market trends and thereby create space by integrating multiple platforms together.
We make optimum use of our resources and digital marketing tools to ensure better engagement, growth, and opportunities for our customers. With an inbuilt passion for innovation and its execution, we offer our clients a holistic, best-in-class marketing solution to achieve greatness. We are a channel that can assist you in opening the doors to a world of limitless possibilities and fortune of opportunities!

“Generally start-ups today have a solution to all genuine problems faced by people around. I thought of Digital Marketing when a neighbor of mine approached me for various Digital Activities and Graphics for his new Restaurant Venture.

I realized that the problem here is ingrained in our society. If we take a sample size of 1000 People, 500 would-be employees, 300-350 will be Small Business owners, like, Restaurants, Cafes, Saloons, Kirana Shops, Small Service related companies. This tiny group of people is extremely good in business but lack the creative sense of promotion or marketing. In the market, such services are very expensive and too difficult to find, as well. To start a business, he will need a Logo, some creative Ads, etc., and if he wants an online presence, then website, domain, hosting, and more. Not everyone in our country is equipped enough with technology or the Internet to be able to work on it all themselves.

This was when I thought of my target group for the business. They are these 300-350 people, who we can help in very lucrative prices, much lesser than what the industry charges. This is how I started off, involved myself in it completely, spoke to several investors, and got the required money. I wish to take it further and reach more people, everyone who does not have the means but are enthusiastic about online presence.”