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April 2020

This novel Corona Virus did teach me a few things during this Lockdown. a) Self-dependance b) Dedication c) We used to eat that may not be healthy and tasty d) We can stay at home and live life without going

Lockdown - Shutdown and then the story began. Poora Sansaar Band! Last year I quit my job and started working on our own bootstrapped startup with my partners. We formed an Educational Marketing Aggregator in the B2B offline market and started trading for educational

2020 has been one hell of a roller coaster.. Our world has been turned upside down thanks to our frenemy, The Virus. Lockdown, they said. Shut everything down. Schools, colleges, malls, highways, offices. EVERYTHING. The people of Mumbai breathe a sigh of relief.

Lockdown Clock down! The hustle of everyday morning from breakfast to reaching office, tackling the hurdles during rush hours, and honking at traffic signals all have vanished as I wake up under the silence of Lockdown, which has eventually turned my clock down. Experiencing absolute

Completed three years of marriage, still had never got this amount of time with husband, thanks to his Job and his other assignments. Lockdown has given me the opportunity to spend some quality time with ME and obviously Pati ghar pe hi hai,

I shifted to a new place few months back. Initially, weeks went by, just settling down and arranging things. My passion for photography took a backseat while I was preparing to make things sorted for the new place. However, things

Lockdown feels absolutely unreal – sometimes I think is this all a bad dream? Staying away from family hit me hard in the beginning but I realized this is the time to test patience. I learnt new things - started meditating, working on inner

I think this lockdown has taught me the value of relations around me.I hardly get time to talk with my family and friends but during this lockdown I speak with them daily. One of my childhood friend once said to