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15 Ways to Maximize your Brand Visibility within your Marketing Budget.

Brand recognition occurs when someone recalls your brand from seeing things like your logo or business name previously. By building brand recognition, you also build credibility.

This will help you attract new customers, keep old customers and make you stand out from your competition.

Your best tool for establishing brand recognition is regular and significant visibility. For maximized viewership and the probability of interaction, you want to see your company name show up where your target audience is.

The brand recognition techniques should not confuse the target audience or disrupt them. No one likes spam. Your content should place you in their field of vision, so that when they are interested they will approach you enthusiastically.


Here are 15 ways to increase brand awareness within your marketing budget.


Social Media Presence

In a digital world, having a presence on social media is essential. Alongside posting there are some things you can do to improve your brand awareness.

Respond to comments on Twitter and Facebook! Want to be recognized as a trustworthy, supportive brand with a massive presence in social media?  Take a chance to get in touch with your customers. If somebody asks a question, then respond immediately. If they’re having a problem, fix it at the earliest. Take a chance to get in touch with your customers..

Build a hashtag on Instagram for your image. Hashtags help users discover goods, brands and more by tagging posts with hashtags. To create brand awareness, you should use hashtags that are both generic, niche and advertised.



Consistency Is Key

One major reason why being consistent is relevant is because it obviously helps people recognize your brand when they see the same logo on each site. But consistency can aid in SEO, too. If you have a Google My Business (which you should) you will find that when you search for your business you will see your “NAP” also known as your name , address and phone number. This NAP should match on all platforms.   

If you are consistent with everything you do as a brand you will become a trustworthy and reliable source for consumers to come back to again and again. And you’re going to have a greater chance to rank in searches.


Regular Content Production

Regularly create new content to boost your SEO and increase your chances of being found online. The more streamlined you create the content, the more likely your potential customers will find it during the buying process. Blogging is the best way to get consistent content produced.

Optimize your website for keywords- use SEO tools. 

This would help potential clients find your business as they look for options and may not know who to turn to. When you can recognize the types of words they ‘re looking for, you’ll expand and meet your market. Through using keywords within the copy and headers of your web pages, and by speaking about your services, you can bring people to your website and thus update them on the identity of your brand.


 Update Your Google My Business Listing

A simple concept of brand awareness is being present  where your consumers are.  Back in the day, that meant a billboard on a busy highway or an ad in the Sunday newspaper. Today, it’s an information highway listed by Google.

If your company has not been verified on Google My Business, do so immediately after you have finished reading this article.

How would you not? This one is absolutely free.. And all it takes is just a few clicks.

Once you’ve signed up you can update your business profile, add pictures, create entertaining posts and respond to customer feedback. All from any computer-laptop, mobile, and phone & completely Free!   




Infographics are a fun and vibrant way to display popular advertising data and statistics. Such powerhouses of content also get spread far and wide, making them a perfect platform for brand building and leadership thinking.

Infographics are a powerful resource for advertisers whether they are being produced or consumed by us. Additionally, condensing key details from your content into an infographic that users can save on their phone or tablet would add a lot of value to your posts, with mobile devices which make up the majority of Internet use.



The multimedia content covers videos, webinars, presentations and more. Short YouTube videos are a perfect way to generate a buzz around your brand. Video and other interactive material are becoming increasingly prevalent in the marketing world each year. Stay ahead of the curve and begin to embed multimedia into your marketing strategies.


Interactive Content

Highly shareable interactive content drives high conversion rates. Quizzes, graders, checklists, and calculators all will offer value to your customers. Not only does this style of content provide more incentives for interaction, it also offers a stronger UX, since customers feel more engaged in the process.

Create a 360 Virtual Tour

Show consumers what exactly to expect when walking through your doors.

Giving somebody a graphic goes a long way toward building a better exposure for the company. New customers are more likely to remember what you have to offer, because of the inside look of your company.

It’s a strategy game, and played right, winning both you and your client.

Build trust in your business and your brand. Let guests know what you’ve got to deliver before they get there.


Referral Programs

Ebates tops the promotion of referrals. If you refer two friends to the platform and make purchases, you’ll get cashback from Rs 50. The more people you refer to, the more money you get! Also if you are not in a position where you can give away money, there are plenty of other opportunities that you can provide to enter the social and professional circles of your customers.


 Email Tagline

Make sure your email signature connects to your website or blog. This is an effortless, low-investment way to promote your brand.


Polls & Surveys

People generally like to answer questions. Within a Facebook post, you can ask questions, or you can create a survey directly on Twitter or in Instagram Stories. Not only is this a way to get useful feedback from your customers quickly and easily, but it also enhances UX by reaching more consumers.


Closed Beta Launch

Start by giving a select few lucky people early access to your content. If you want to create buzz, you should organize your offer as a social contest-only those who opt in the way you have requested can be eligible to be selected. Everybody wants something they can not have, and making the content more exclusive will boost demand.

Get Free Publicity from Influencers

Influencer marketing has evolved as more and more advertisers are using this approach to achieve positive results. If you are one of those who would like to try this then the trick here is to find an influencer with enough followers to promote your brand. Keep in mind that you should engage those followers who will  be significant to your brand. Conversely, the influencer should be trustworthy. When you can find somebody you can collaborate with for a longer period of time, the better.

Attend Networking Events

Attending local networking events such as trade shows, Chamber of Commerce & Networking groups (such as BNI) is a great way to meet potential customers and let them know about offerings from your company. And if you don’t find someone who signs on instantly, your name  and face  will be on top-of – mind when they search for resources next time.

Networking will help you understand the intricacies of the markets to which you sell, and build connections that influence your strategy and relationships with customer service. You ‘re also putting a face on your company by engaging in community events and becoming an individual to whom businesses turn to when they have questions under your realm.



Compared with your rivals, a high degree of exposure usually means more sales. To build brand awareness you need a plan in place that will enable you to grow your brand continuously. Awareness is not just one & over technique.   Successful businesses are striving to iterate and redefine. Try to understand, these are all our ideas! If you discover something else for your company that fits well, don’t be afraid to try it out. Increasing brand recognition involves a lot of creativity, time, commitment, trial and error.

If you’re ready for your company to start building brand awareness, let us know!


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